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About Maria Michaels Designs

Maria Michaels Designs is a husband and wife design team. After obtaining his college art degree, Michael went to teacher's college, then university. He worked briefly in advertising design, taught elementary school for 10 years, then went on to teach high school art, as well as mathematics, science, physical education, and history. He enjoys his family, painting, drawing, gardening, and his art.

Maria was an elementary school teacher for 10 years. Her mother inspired her interest in sewing. As a child she watched her make curtains, draperies, household items, and clothing. Maria began sewing clothes in seventh grade classes. After being given two beautiful quilts made by an elderly cousin of Michael's and inspired by Georgia Bonesteel's PBS quilting show, she began learning to quilt in 1985.

The inspiration for Maria Michaels Designs came toward the end of 2000 when Maria suddenly realized that much of her husband's art could be translated into quilting and needlework designs. After designing several patterns from his work, she also began to create some of her own.


Maria and Michael are one of seven couples interviewed for parts two, three, and four of a four-part article by Sylvia Landman - Couples in Quilt Businesses - for The Professional Quilter Magazine. Part Two appeared in the Spring 2003 issue, Part Three in the Summer 2003 issue, and Part Four in the Winter 2003 issue.

A page about Maria Michaels Designs and photos of their first two quilts appeared in the Spring 2003 issue of Miniature Quilt Ideas Magazine (issue #39).

Their Canadian Flag Quilt appeared in the Winter 2003 issue of The Canadian Quilter.

One of Maria's designs appeared in the January/February 2007 Issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.

Maria is also a writer and web designer. She has designed websites for quilt shops, her own sites, her quilt guild, and small business sites. She writes the Maria Michaels Designs free, bimonthly, online, quilt magazine/newsletter. The first of her two-part article on the popularity and effectiveness of newsletters appeared in the Winter 2004 issue of The Professional Quilter Magazine and the second part in the Spring 2004 issue.

In 2005 Maria added a second website - Quilts for Sale. The inspiration came from past memories of trying to find ways to sell her quilts and crafts while at home with her small children and the need for quilters and quilt lovers to connect. It proved to be an impossible task at the time. The popularity of home computers and the Internet changes everything. Quilters can now sell online. However, very few quilters have the knowledge and experience to create websites for themselves. Maria provides the opportunity and the venue through Quilts for Sale and has made it a risk-free, inexpensive venture for quilters and quilt guilds. There is a small insertion fee for each quilted item and a small commission when a quilt sells. No other costs or fees are involved and there is no time limit on the length of time that quilts can be displayed. Each quilter has his/her own web page(s) on Quilts for Sale.

Quilts for Sale provides an opportunity to purchase unique and lovely gifts for the special people in your lives. Homes, offices, and businesses can add beauty and warmth to their surroundings with wall quilts. Quilters who want to give a quilted gift, but have run out of time, can choose a quilt from the site. Be sure to visit Quilts for Sale and enjoy the quilt show!


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